Linksys Extender Setup

Linksys extender setup or install Linksys range extender. Using ethernet cable or WPS method. Trying to configure Linksys WiFi repeater? Setup Linksy extender to get uninterrupted WiFi signal without dropping or lagging the network.

Configure Linksys Range Extender or Install

Linksys expands the range and scope of internal Wi-Fi. To achieve the network connection, the signal is detected from the router before it is sent to your device, such as a computer, laptop, or cell phone. As a result, Wi-Fi was present in difficult places and all dead spaces were removed. Follow the instructions below to install or Linksys extender setup.

You can install or Linksys extender setup using manual method or WPS mode method. Or configure admin setting.

Manual Method: Linksys Extender setup

  • Connect the power line: Attach the other antennas to the connecting rod. The antennas should be lifted to get the best WiFi speed.
  • Now find where the extender can be placed. It should be placed between the smartwifirouter and the non-wifi zone.
  • Then turn on the power cord. One end of the electrical connection should be connected to the range extender cable and the other to the outer wall.
  • Analysis the status of Linksys extender: You can check the status of the extender by checking its lights. The power of the LED must be solid and well lit.
Linksys extender setup manually install or configure Linksys range extender

Connect Linksys Extender And Devices to setup Linksys range extender

Install Linksys extender using Connect Linksys Extender And Devices to setup Linksys range extender
  • To complete the setup of your Linksys Extender, you need to connect the Extender to your computer, laptop or mobile phone on the website.
  • If you want to connect wirelessly, look for the temporary name extender; In the Wi-Fi list, click, then Connect.
  • However, for a clean cable, you should purchase an Ethernet cable. Then connect one end of the phone to the extension number and the other end to the work computer.

Install Linksys extender using

  • Access admin setting page or default IP address on the URL bar of the browser. To setup Linksys extender or install the admin setting of Linksys range repeater.
  • The Linksys login page appears. Now you need to write the word “administrator” in the field label and click the submit button.
  • Linksys Extender configures landing pages. Click on the final deal link and read all the details carefully. Check the “I accept the user license agreement” box to upgrade and connect the Linksys Extender.
  • Select the box and mark check, which includes automatic updating the software.
  • This will open the Wireless Network window on your computer screen. Select the network name (SSID) from the list of available WLANs.
  • Create a strong password or change WiFi name. 
  • To change the default password, confirm it by clicking the save button. 
  • You have the option to add information to your password to remember it.
  • Then click it.

Finally, the Exit Complete window appears on the screen informing you that the expander is already configured. Now, your Linksys extender setup is done and perfectly configured.